Daan made 24 film portraits about Dutch people that work and live in New York City.
The series were made for three different regional TV stations in The Netherlands.
12 episodes were about people from the province of Noord-Brabant (aired on Omroep Brabant) 6 about Gelderlanders (aired on Omroep Gelderland) and 6 about Overijsselaars (aired on RTV Oost).
Daan produced everything by himself: research, filming, interviews, sound and editing. The series were broadcasted in 2015 and 2016.

Brabanders in New York 1: Jan Habraken from Eindhoven – Graphic Designer

Brabanders in New York 2: Erik and Wilma van de Pol from Hoeven – Computer Programmer / musician

Brabanders in New York 3: Mark van der Linden from Loon op Zand – Tax advisor

Brabanders in New York 4: Erwin Maas from Nuenen – Theatre director

Brabanders in New York 5: Jet Vonk from Uden – PhD student in neurolinguistics

Brabanders in New York 6: Peggy Vissers from Erp – Dutch diplomat at the United Nations

Brabanders in New York 7: Gijs van de Most from Eindhoven – Vintage furniture shop owner

Brabanders in New York 8: Yvonne Simons from Tilburg – painter / museum director

Brabanders in New York 9: Mark Hurkmans from Deurne – Owner jewelry online store

Brabanders in New York 10: Freek Herberts from Oss – Cameraman at RTL Nieuws

Brabanders in New York 11: Angèle Blankenstein from Tilburg – Model and visual creator

Brabanders in New York 12: SvB from Vlijmen – CFO at Morgan Chase

Overijsselaars in New York 1: Jeroen Wijering from Losser – tech entrepreneur, founder JWplayer

Overijsselaars in New York 2: Rietje Gieskes from Enschede – graphic designer 

Overijsselaars in New York 3: Jordi Meijer from Hengelo and Wilmar Nieuwenhuis from Nijverdal – trainers at Dutch soccer school

Overijsselaars in New York 4: Bettine Schipper from Bergentheim – manager at Boska cheesewares

Overijsselaars in New York 5: Mike Veenstra from Losser – PhD student in medical science

Overijsselaars in New York 6: Jael Golad from Hattem/Zwolle – actrice

Gelderlanders in New York: Alexandra Groenestein from Wageningen – Singer

Aflevering 2: Bram Hillegers from Wageningen – Construction manager for Old St Patrick’s Church

Aflevering 3: Meeke Mutter from Nijmegen – Ballet dancer

Aflevering 4: Thijs Menger from Doetinchem – Real estate trader/manager

Aflevering 5: Jochem van Dijk from Nijmegen – Bass gitarist 

Aflevering 6: Britt Zappeij from Tiel – Basketball player at Fordham University